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ALPACA weddings



If you are looking for that special “wow” moment to make your wedding unforgettable then we can definitely recommend a wedding with alpacas. Our animals are gentle and loving with their soft “hums” making a perfect backdrop for your wedding guests. They can be as involved in your wedding as you wish, from a small background feature to your main event the choice is yours… Whatever role our alpacas play, they will be certain to charm and entertain your guests and will add an extra special touch to your special day.

When we select the perfect alpacas for an event we choose from the most friendly, relaxed and confident animals within our herd, this gives us a good number to pick from.  The animals that are born and bred by us at the farm are especially inquisitive and extremely confident… they love to show off to their adoring audiences.


We can offer our wedding package which we can tailor to suit your special day which includes:    


  • The alpacas will be with you for 2 hours         

  • You can walk and take photographs with the alpacas 

  • We provide organza food bags for you and your guests to feed the alpacas   


Wedding Package Price  –            2 Alpacas                  £400 

                                                            4 Alpacas                  £500

If this of interest please feel free to give us a call.

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