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We are thinking outside of the box and bringing alpacas to you! Our alpacas are a sweet, gentle nature. They are inquisitive, and will readily eat treats out of your hands. We have visited many different places with our team of boys so far including care homes, schools, local fairs and hospitals. Our boys are an excellent conversation starter between anyone that comes to see them and they love to pose for selfies!

We will arrive at your location, ‘unpack’ the alpacas from our trailer, and then meet and greet the waiting crowds. This can be either inside or outside – dependent on the weather and your needs. Our alpacas are halter trained so can be led round your premises by a handler. We give a little bit of history and characteristics of our alpacas and provide a host of interesting and fun facts along with answering any questions that anyone may have. All our alpacas are ‘house trained’ and have satisfied biosecurity measures. 

If this of interest please feel free to give us a call.

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