Shayne and Iain like most alpaca breeders have very unique reasons for owning alpacas. After spending twenty years living in a three bedroom semi in Whitley Bay a move to the heart of Weardale provided the opportunity to expand  their animal ownership past the existing herd of cats and dogs. 

Shayne and Iain's first experience with alpacas was like many breeders, a chance encounter  in 2015 at a local country show. From that moment they were both hooked and not long after purchased their first four girls  from an established and quality breeder in Northumberland. Since then their herd has grown steadily and will no doubt continue to grow over the coming years.


Once bitten by the bug Shayne and Iain  started showing their animals across the shows in the North of England . This extremely scary jump into the unknown world of alpaca showing has very quickly turned into a very enjoyable experience due to the friendly support received from existing breeders but also the early success they have experienced with various honours already achieved in the ring.


Fellside Alpacas will continue to grow and  develop but Shayne and Iains core belief is to share the surprising and ultimately satisfying experience these fantastic animals can give, sharing this with as many people as they can who like themselves back in 2015 hadn't had the pleasure of the alpaca experience!